By entering into and using the self-serve pet wash area, you agree to waive all liability against WHISKERS PET SHOP and its owner for any injuries to you or your pet. 


You will find everything you need: Shampoos, Brushes & Combs, Apron, Towel and a high velocity professional dryer.

Our washing station is elevated to ensure you can easily wash your pet at a comfortable height. We have an easy access ramp so your pet can walk right into the tub! No back strain or knee pain from washing your dog in your own bathtub. No freezing cold water from the backyard hose! No MESS to clean up!

The selve-serve wash is perfect for pets that suffer from anxiety and are not comfortable with a groomer handling them. You can wash your own pet and they will feel secure during the process. This allows both animal and owner to feel at ease and makes for a very pleasant experience!

Dogs with fleas or ticks are NOT allowed in the Dog Wash please!

PRICES (plus tax)

DOGS under 20lbs (SMALL)          $10

DOGS 20-50lbs (MEDIUM)            $15

​DOGS 50+lbs (LARGE)                   $20

Each additional dog, same family, same visit, $5 off

Special thank you to Griz and his mum Julie for being the first to use our DIY bath! 

Where pets love to shop!

Walk-ins are welcome!