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Business Enquiries:


Are you a local business looking for services for fundraising events? Contact me anytime and I would be happy to offer grooming packages, gift certificates and prizes to help your efforts.

Contact me

desi.lee@hotmail.com or 604-698-9572

Desiree is proud to offer one-on-one professional grooming services to your furry family members.

If your dog is nervous in a busy shop atmosphere or you love the idea of a personalized, loving experience for your pup, 

Desiree is experienced with very shy, skittish and fearful dogs. She will always ensure a quiet and calm grooming experience and lots of love and patience. 

Hair of the Dog Grooming offers great rates and professional service. 

Contact Desiree @ desi.lee@hotmail.com or call 604-698-9572 to book. 

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Bath, Clip/Cut/Trim, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim, Anal Gland Clearing, Blow Dry

Small Dog Package $35

Medium Dog Package $45

Large Dog Package $55

Nail Clipping $8

Bath Only

Small $15 Medium $25 Large $35